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Trayalert is free for use and without any ads, hidden software or annoying limitations. We believe that it is useful for many purposes and therefore built-in an option to use your own scripts and icons. In such a way that you do not even need to share them with the community, you can just add them to your local drive and it will work.

For our own pleasure we do use a very low level form of licensing. Each time you run the program it will try and connect to our servers. Your cpu's serial will be registered and if that works out your copy of Trayalert will receive a license. In case the program is unable to register, it will stop working after 10 times. The only reason for this policy is that we have a rough idea of how many users own a copy. If you need to use Trayalert in a separate LAN or your security policy does not accept executables to go on-line, please contact us.








Trayalert can be useful for almost anybody, but is also used in high impact environments or with a strict security policy. For those customers we provide premium support, full access to the source code and a secure, redundant cloud storage for settings, icons and scripts. Beside that we can build workflows for sending SMS or mail alerts in case no team member is behind his or her desktop. Prices are honest, but depend on the scale and your need for redundancy/security.

We can also help you write scripts for monitoring roughly any kind of event. Not everything can be done easily, but in a way we can catch anything you could manually sense with a Windows computer. If there is a need for scripting into other systems (databases or software).

So, in case you're happy with our tool and like to endorse us. Please drop our name at this kind of enterprise businesses, that's really the best way to keep Trayalert free.